Meet the MB Dynamics Team

In choosing MB Dynamics as your noise and vibration test partner, you’ll get an opportunity to work with one of the industry’s most highly experienced and technically talented teams. It is our honor to be of service to you.  Each team member brings to their roles for MB a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Each of us also cares greatly for the success of your application.

Our core customer service philosophy at MB Dynamics is one of faithful, trustworthy, servant leadership. We place utmost importance on the value of building long-term customer trust and engagement. We seek to grow your utmost confidence in our product and service capabilities, over time.

Our small, privately held independent organizational structure also means that even our president & CEO, who himself is a 40-year globally recognized expert in modal testing, is still actively involved in R&D and applications engineering activities. You will always get our very best talent and efforts. In addition, your decision to purchase products and services from MB Dynamics means that you are also supporting a 100% US-based manufacturer and small business.

A brief summary of select MB Dynamics team bios may be found below. To reach any of us via email, we invite you to use our Contact Form. Your inquiry will be automatically and immediately routed to the best team member for response. We look forward to serving you.

RICHARD MCCORMICK – President, CEO & Founder
30+ years of experience in growing MB Dynamics into $10M+ per year, profitable business, by innovating and delivering application-specific solutions for vibration, shock and acoustic test applications within the automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace and defense, electronics, and consumer product sectors. Roughly 75% of MB Dynamics’ sales are exported annually to countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Germany, England, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, & Canada. The functional MB Dynamics duties of Dick McCormick include overall corporate strategic direction, business development, project management, engineering oversight, operations management, and finance/treasury functions. Prior experience includes general management positions with SDRC and Nordson Corporation, including five years establishing and operating SDRC’s first international office in the UK.
He holds both an MBA and BSME from the University of Cincinnati.

BILL RUSEN, P.E. – Director of Product Engineering
Bill has been with MB Dynamics for a number of years in this capacity, having evolved all of the company’s electrical and electronic products. His group is responsible for the design, development, and product launches of required electrical and electronic subsystems to ensure that MB Dynamics’ Vibration Test Systems function at or above published specifications. This includes all computing resources, both internal and for delivery to customers as part of larger systems. Before joining MB Dynamics, Bill served in a progressive series of engineering leadership roles with SDRC, Farwell & Hendricks, and Belcan. At Belcan, he served as Director of Instrumentation Services, performing nuclear qualification testing and serving as an engineering consultant in vibration testing technologies for General Motors, Proctor & Gamble and DelMonte. He holds a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati.

DR. DON LEAVER – Director of Software Engineering
Don is the primary developer of the MB Millenium™ Control Systems, two-axis pitch-and-roll test system, 6-DoF Quiet Test System, Dynamic Vehicle Torquer pneumatic suspension system test rig, Airbag Control Unit Rollover-Crash Simulator, and Pneumatic-Rack-Load-Simulator subsystem. Don is also part of the MB Dynamics team responsible for data acquisition front-end hardware design. Prior to joining MB Dynamics, Don held field application and software engineering positions with Concurrent Computer Corporation and UniDyn. He holds both a PhD and BS from the University of Washington, as well as a BA from the University of Colorado.

MIKE PRIEBE – Director, Global S&R and Sound/Vibration Quality Technology
Mike has over 20 years of experience in advanced product development and product validation, gained from his experience with leading seat supplier, Johnson Controls. As Subject Matter Technical Expert (SMTE) for NVH Engineering at Johnson Controls, Mike had design sign-off responsibilities for S&R prevention on all seating programs developed in North America. During product validation, he assisted the product engineers in identifying root causes and corrective actions for DV, PV, and launch S&R issues. He also worked closely with the JCI plant quality organizations and Ford’s S&R Prevention Process using MB Dynamics S&R shaker test systems at seating JIT plants  globally. He holds an MSME from Purdue University, as well as a BSME from the University of Notre Dame.

JUERGEN WEBER – Global Engineering Services
Prior to joining MB Dynamics, Juergen was with Johnson Controls in Burscheid, Germany, where he most recently served as the Engineering Manager for Noise, Vibration, and Comfort including BSR, having been responsible for durability testing in both Burscheid and Trencin. He and Mike Priebe have been colleagues for a number of years and the two developed the statement of requirements for the MB Dynamics VPR+4D system. Juergen’s lab in Burscheid bought the first VPR+4D, and he was here a few years ago for its factory acceptance testing. His lab managed and used it in their European-wide S&R programs for Johnson Controls. He is proficient in German, English, and French.

MOLLY BAKEWELL CHAMBERLIN, Principal Consultant, EMBASSY GLOBAL, LLC – Global Strategic Marketing & PR
Maureen K. (Molly) Bakewell Chamberlin, president of the 100% woman-owned Embassy Global, LLC personally serves as MB Dynamics’ global strategic marketing communications, PR and leads generation expert, working in collaboration with the MB Dynamics in-house team. Molly is a 23-year testing & instrumentation industry subject matter expert whose work has contributed to the growth of more than 200 industry brands since her firm’s founding. She is further, an appointed pro bono delegate to the Leadership and Technology Councils of the National Small Business Association (NSBA), the Washington, DC-based grassroots small business advocacy organization, as well as a Program Ambassador for the New York State Mentoring program. She holds dual BA’s from Canisius College and was recently accepted into the Harvard Business Analytics Program.