Energizer Series Vibration Exciters

When it comes to Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) testing, the team at MB Dynamics knows that the quieter the vibration exciter, the more accurate the result. As best practice, any specified vibration exciter for BSR testing must not introduce new and unwanted noise into the test environment, as it can otherwise mask actual item noises undergoing evaluation, thereby leading to measurement uncertainty.

With this in mind, MB Dynamics has developed its Energizer Series, a family of extremely quiet vibration exciters. The Series is ideally suited for the support of subjective and objective BSR evaluations according to industry test specifications, such as GMW14011, GM7293TP, BMW PR311-2 or PSA “Specification bruit parasites”, as well as several Hyundai Engineering Standards. With availability in four unique models and sizes, the Energizer Series is expressly designed to support such evaluations, while reducing the risks of measurement uncertainty caused by unwanted vibration exciter noise occurring within the BSR test environment.

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The exceptionally low operating background noise of the MB Energizer Series actually fulfills Noise Rating Curve 18 requirements. When running a typical S&R random vibration profile, Series noise levels are consistently below 28 dB(A) and less than 1 Sone N10 Stationary Zwicker Loudness.

Design of each MB Energizer Series model incorporates a proprietary, permanent magnetic-based technology. That technology is combined with the patented, quiet and stiff frictionless suspension of the Energizer moving element, thereby eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans and blowers. Additional performance enhancements include:

  • 2:1 and 3:1 force multiplying lever arms, increasing exciter force output by 2X or 3X
  • Air spring load support of up to 90 kg for vertical testing
  • Forced-air cooling for non-BSR work, such as BSR aging and durability testing, doubling the uncooled Energizer force output
  • Chamber Readiness Kit, for use of Energizer Series vibration exciters within environmental test chambers from -40°C to +65°C, including humidity
  • Thermal shutdown protection, to prevent vibration exciter overheating
  • Trunnion bases for vertical or horizontal operation
  • Horizontal Moving Tables (HMT) for quiet horizontal testing using the same patented quiet flexures, and further incorporating quiet, no oil-film slip tables or guidance bearings, while supporting the payload during X-axis and Y-axis testing
  • Choice of mounting table sizes, each of which is large enough for test items, yet small enough to minimize speaker effects that can radiate unwanted noise
  • Air casters and air lifters, for moving an Energizer over smooth floors or tops of T-slot base plates

In addition, all Energizer Series vibration exciters are accompanied by full engineering support, offered by one of the industry’s most experienced teams.  Interested in learning more about how you can reduce unwanted vibration exciter noise within your BSR test environment? Contact MB today for a consultation.

  • Energizer Blue shaker system with all test options
Specification Table

Energizer Vibration Exciter

Datasheet Downloads:
BSR Energizer RED     (Rev 10/18)

BSR Energizer BLUE  (Rev 10/18)
BSR Energizer BLACK (Rev 10/18)
BSR Energizer SILVER (Rev 10/18)

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