Best-in-Class-Quiet™ Energizers

We know that you must have a quiet source of excitation so the test equipment does not make noises that mask the test item noises you are trying to detect, so that’s why MB produced a quieter, more innovative shaker that makes other shaker tables obsolete for quiet BSR work! MB S&R Energizers are proven to be the quietest shakers in the world. Their extremely low operating background noise even fulfills the requirements of Noise Rating Curve 18. Running a typical S&R random vibration profile, noise levels are lower than 30dB(A) and less than 1 Sone N10 Instationary Zwicker Loudness. MB Energizers have been available and quiet for 20 years and are the most frequently used, respected, and relied upon exciter for squeak & rattle testing in the world.

The technological base for the unique quiet operation of the MB Energizers is the permanent magnet technology which eliminates noisy blowers for cooling and the patented quiet and stiff frictionless suspension of the Energizer moving element. MB Energizers are ideally suited for subjective and objective evaluation of BSRs according to different squeak & rattle test specifications such as GMW14011, GM7293TP, BMW PR311-2 or PSA “Specification bruit parasites”, and several Hyundai Engineering Standards.

MB provides other add-on features to augment performance: 2:1 and 3:1 force multiplying lever arms which increase the force output by 2X or 3x; air spring load support for supporting up to 90kg for vertical testing; forced-air cooling for non-BSR work such as BSR Aging and durability tests which doubles the un-cooled Energizer force output; Chamber Readiness Kit for operating Energizers inside environmental chambers from -40 degC to +65 degC including humidity; thermal shutdown protection to prevent overheating of the Energizer; trunnion bases for vertical or horizontal operation; Horizontal Moving Tables (HMT) for quiet horizontal testing using the same patented quiet flexures and no oil-film slip tables or bearings for guidance that make noise while supporting the payload during X-axis and Y-axis tests; different size mounting tables – large enough for the test items but small to minimize the speaker effects that radiate unwanted noise; and air casters and air lifters for moving an Energizer over smooth floors or over top of T-slot base plates.

Specification Table

energizer-spec-table Energizer Red Data Sheet: Download PDF
Energizer Blue Data Sheet: Download PDF
Energizer Black Data Sheet: Download PDF
Energizer Silver Data Sheet: Download PDF