Vibration Testing Products and Services

AboutUsSmallThe MB family of vibration testing products dates back to 1938 when the founders began what is known today as the vibration testing industry. Since then, MB has worked to become a respected worldwide brand, earning a reputation for superior performance, longevity and dependability.

Today MB Dynamics continues to specialize in application-specific solutions and products that target specific jobs. This dedication to customized solutions demonstrates that MB Dynamics is dedicated to giving customers more than just a shaker with a force rating, but a complete solution that provides the desired test results. With every product purchased from MB, our customers receive years of experience and industry expertise as well as insight into the technology that goes into making our advanced vibration test systems.

MB’s installed base of OEMS and their supply chain is worldwide and includes Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Russia, South America, and South Africa. This MB Global team periodically reviews successful business development and sets priorities for technical development to create MB Best Practices for sound and vibration test solutions. See our Offices link for MB’s international agent network.

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