Test Engineering Services

A unique benefit for customers doing business with MB Dynamics is the unparalleled access they receive to our highly experienced test engineering team, in both these and other service areas:

  • Structural dynamics
  • Environmental testing
  • Experimental dynamics
  • Test procedure development and implementation
  • Modal testing
  • Buzz, squeak & rattle (S&R) evaluations
  • Noise and vibration testing
  • Vibration transducer calibrations
  • Field troubleshooting of vibration, noise and dynamics problems
  • In-field data acquisition
  • Sound quality testing
  • Practical vibration troubleshooting

Contract Engineering Services (ad hoc or long-term flexible)
MB Dynamics offers test engineering services which may be custom tailored to the unique needs of each customer and facility. Under a typical contract scope, MB can help to: develop best practice test methods and procedures; plan and acquire field and road data (including RLDA and other vehicle dynamics studies); facilitate joint test projects; perform full in-house or in-field dynamic testing; interpret test results; provide in-house training; plan and execute design and product verification testing; enhance calibration protocols to reduce measurement uncertainty; troubleshoot, identify and contain root causes of unwanted vibration and noise; recommend and implement corrective actions; formulate and document lessons learned and best practices; draft statements of work and test requirements; develop meaningful specifications; recommend test equipment predictive maintenance strategies; and assist with related test engineering challenges.

Sample Engagement:
Support of Ford S&R Prevention Processes and Vertical, Pitch and Roll (VPR) Systems

One of the many MB success stories in the test engineering service arena may be found in our support of the Ford-approved MB Dynamics Buzz Squeak and Rattle (BSR) system. Ford has developed comprehensive S&R Prevention Processes to identify and address the root causes of annoying noises in seats and instrument panels (IP’s) during supplier JIT plant in-house production verification. The goal of these processes is to both identify root causes and take necessary corrective actions, prior to the delivery of any affected subsystem to a Ford Assembly Plant. To meet these needs, Ford selected the MB Dynamics Vertical, Pitch and Roll (VPR) system. Now designated as Ford’s approved verification tool, MB has since delivered over 70 VPR systems Shaker Tables to both Ford and its Tier 1 manufacturing partners.

Because JIT plant end-users may be less familiar with BSR test protocols, MB offers dedicated test engineering services for the implementation of Ford and other OEM-recommended BS&R processes, using MB’s own VPR and BSR systems. MB has all of the necessary know-how and experience to assist manufacturers of seats and IP’s to rapidly, systematically, and effectively implement Ford S&R Prevention Processes, including:

  • Facility design and qualification services, for the effective in-plant implementation of test solutions, like the MB Dynamics VPR and VPR+4D systems
  • Implementation of supplier-approved vibration profiles and test methods
  • Facilitation of BSR evaluation performance training, according to automotive OEM requirements
  • Assistance with on-site S&R evaluations
  • In-house or in-field demonstrations of effective S&R methodologies, including root noise source identifications and verifications; quality performance checks; and firewall implementations for known product issues
  • Assistance with issue management and tracking process setup
  • OEM vehicle-level evaluation process coaching and training
  • Tier 1 supplier implementations of recommended OEM test procedures and equipment

In addition, MB Dynamics offers considerable experience in the utilization of shaker tables within Ford and other major automotive OEM and supplier facilities, in further support of S&R DV/PV design and production verification requirements.


Engineering Services Datasheet: Download PDF