Engineering Services

For the last 30 years, MB has been led by people with deep experience in structural dynamics; environmental test; experimental dynamics; test planning and engineering; modal testing; squeak & rattle; vibration testing; field tests to troubleshoot vibration, noise and dynamics problems; transducer calibration; in-field data acquisition; sound quality – in short, doing the kinds of jobs its end-users have to do daily. This understanding enables MB to “walk a mile in the shoes” of its customers – to know their challenges, their boss’s expectations and demands, the test outcomes required, what is needed to get quality test data, how to perform tests, how to know whether the test data makes sense or is nonsense, how to make decisions from the data acquired. MB has the applications know-how to do tests and get meaningful results, not just tell people how to operate its equipment.

MB offers this test engineering know-how on a contract basis to end-users to help develop test methods and procedures; plan and acquire field and road data; transfer this know-how through joint test projects; perform all types of dynamic tests; interpret results; provide training; plan and execute design verification and production verification tests; understand how to enhance calibration protocols to reduce uncertainty; troubleshoot and determine root causes of vibration, noise and dynamics issues; identify containment and corrective actions; formulate lessons learned and document best practices; write statements of work / requirements and develop meaningful specifications; and assist with other challenges test engineers face.

One of the many examples of these engineering services relates to Ford-approved MB Shaker Tables. Ford developed comprehensive S&R Prevention Processes to address annoying noises in seats and instrument panels during production verification in their suppliers’ JIT plants just prior to these subsystems being delivered to a Ford assembly plant. Ford selected MB Dynamics VPR Shaker Tables for this production verification tool. MB has since delivered over 70 Ford-approved Shaker Tables to Ford and Ford suppliers of IPs and Seats.

End-users in JIT plants may not be familiar with squeak & rattle testing to detect root causes of S&Rs. Therefore, MB offers engineering services to help implement Ford’s recommended JIT plant S&R process using Shaker Tables. MB services can include:

  • Facility design and qualification for effective in-plant implementation of Shaker Tables
  • Assist with implementation of Ford Approved vibration profiles and test methods
  • Provide training to perform S&R evaluations according to Ford’s requirements
  • Assist with product S&R evaluations while on-site (Demonstrate effective methodology): Identify root noise source, Determine and verify root cause, Implement quality checks and firewall for known product issues.
  • Assist with setting up process for issue management and tracking
  • Provide coaching and training regarding Ford’s vehicle level evaluation process

MB has considerable experience using these Shaker Tables in Ford and supplier facilities to support S&R DV/PV/CC testing, and MB has the know-how to assist Seat & IP suppliers to rapidly, systematically, and effectively implement the Ford S&R Prevention process.

Engineering Services Data Sheet: Download PDF