Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) Software & Drive Files

BSR SUITE software running on a laptop PC combined with multi-channel data acquisition and signal conditioning is used for RLDA when combined with accelerometers and possibly microphones. BSR SUITE includes predefined test setups for RLDA with up to 64 simultaneous measurement channels. In combination with the compact portable USB Hardware and the intuitive user interface RLDA becomes easy and safe. Drive-File generation for full vehicles, subsystems and components is based on proven algorithms, integrated know-how, and procedures. With this innovative technology you can transfer vibration conditions from the road to the lab, improving the simulation quality and correlation to road testing. Such hardware combined with BSR SUITE provides a cost-effective and quickly deployable capability for various NVH and BSR groups to be self-sufficient and responsive when prototype or benchmark vehicles suddenly become available.

BSR Suite Data Sheet: Download PDF