Transducer Calibration

When it comes to finding the perfect transducer calibration system, look no further than MB Dynamics. Our Calibration Systems offer an extensive range, from the Win475-Basic, the trusted calibration solution for the United States Air Force; to the first of its kind Win475-TS, which measures a transducer’s transverse sensitivity. No matter what your needs, you’ll find the calibration equipment that works for you.

MB Win475 systems comply with ISO 16063-21. Some can perform frequency response calibrations to as low as 0.1 Hz and as high as 20 kHz. If your application requires them, resonant frequency checks to 40 kHz are also available. In delivering this wide range of options, MB Dynamics offers a unique system to calibrate almost any motion transducer on the market. Below are links to MB’s expanding line of Transducer Calibration products, detailing the key features of our innovative systems.

Key Features:

  • Multi‐device under test (DUT) accelerometers:
    Performance Verification & Calibration of Eight (8) Accelerometers Simultaneously
  • Air Bearing Shakers: Low Cross‐Axis Motion, Low Distortion Performance, 40 kHz, Beryllium and Magnesium Moving Elements, CAL2‐300H for Low‐Frequency Sensor Calibration and Motion Control: 300 mm Stroke to 10,000 g Shock Testing and Calibration of MEMS Devices and Accelerometers
  • “Extreme Temperature” Sensor Performance
  • Characterization and Calibration from ‐185°C to +800°C
  • Transducer Calibration Systems Offered by MB Dynamics

    Win475 Automated Accelerometer Calibration Systems

    Vibration Calibration Exciters