Objective Brake Assembly & Component Rattle Test Rig

Brake Detector System + SR Silver EnergizerAmpAt MB Dynamics, we offer a quiet, state-of-the-art, non-hydraulic lab test system that subjects brake assemblies and components to in-vehicle vibrations sequentially in multiple directions. Our advanced vibration test equipment objectively measures and quantifies brake rattle performance so that effective corrective actions can be evaluated and implemented. MB Dynamics offers proven performance for GM test procedures including:

  • GM16316 Test Procedure: Objective Brake Component S&R Test
  • GM14011 Test Procedure, N&V: Objective Subsystem/Component S&R Test

All tests adhere to GM requirements for Test Improvement Process Accreditation of Non-GM Brake Lab Test Facilities.

Brake Rattle Test Rig Sheet: Download PDF

Jobs to Be Done
  • Implement a lab system without hydraulics that quietly and repeatably reproduces road load inputs to brake caliper assemblies, drum brake assemblies, splash shields, multi-piece rotors.
  • Acquire and analyze objective acoustic measurements during lab tests using Zwicker Loudness and other NVH metrics to evaluate rattle performance of brake assemblies and components.
  • Characterize root sources of noises such as caliper pin-to-bore contact, influence of running clearances and tolerances, drum brake shoe and lining contact, rattles with/without brake pressure, rotor disk to rotor hat contact, pad-to-abutment contact, splash shield to knuckle contact, etc.
  • Assess corrective actions quantitatively and objectively, not just subjectively.
  • Evaluate performance of new brake assemblies, those with use after accumulating equivalent kilometers (life cycles), and those after durability tests
    Test all passenger car and light truck front/rear brake components.

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