Column EPS Test Bench

steering test system with column rack and tie rod excitation

As a variant on a Steering Module Test Simulator (SMTS), our Column EPS Test Bench is a quiet (acoustically and electrically), non-hydraulic, turnkey lab test system used to perform all rattle, NVH and functional tests on a column EPS just like those performed on rack-mounted EPS units.

Data Sheets

With this CEPS bench a Driver Simulator supplies to the column quiet, repeatable and precise steering maneuvers of position/angle, angular rate, or torque using imported time histories of measured drive files or user-customizable sine, triangle, and trapezoid waveforms plus CSV-imported position vs time and torque vs time. Another rotary servo motor applies Road Reaction torques into the output end of the CEPS unit including torque time histories of real driving conditions like lane-change maneuvers, pothole-type transients, cornering events, impacts, critical road surfaces or synthesized events. Thus tie rods are not excited but only the EPS output shaft.

A DS10 Driver Simulator and a DS25 Road Reaction Simulator have been paired but a DS25 could be substituted for the DS10 and a DS50 for the DS25. All Driver Simulators in the MB family are slotless motors which eliminate cogging and associated torque fluctuations that enable smooth motion without acoustic disturbances or contamination of the waveform quality caused by lower-cost slotted servos with significant cogging. Driver Simulators are direct-drive so there are no gears or belts which translates to smooth motion. This CEPS bench is useful for experimentally developing, evaluating and validating countermeasures, NVH metrics, and EPS functions of column-mounted EPS units.

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A quiet (acoustically and electrically), non-hydraulic, turnkey lab test system.

Provides an executive function over the embedded control systems for the MB DS and the two MB RLSs.

Simulates driver functionality by generating repeatable and precise steering maneuvers.

Quietly produces accurate, controlled, inputs to the in-vehicle steering wheel to enable acquisition of acoustic data and wheel motions

Electric, electrodynamic or pneumatic devices that apply programmable static, quasi-static and dynamic loads to one or both tie rods

As a variant on a SMTS, our Column EPS Test Bench is a quiet, turnkey lab test system.

Used to evaluate stick-slip, lash, torsional stiffness, hysteresis and other performance characteristics.

Provides a column stand for mounting a steering column assembly, column EPS, and or a Driver Simulator.

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