Modal 1000 Exciter System for Large-Scale Modal and Structural Testing

Modal 1000 Exciter

The Modal 1000 exciter system from MB Dynamics is designed to meet a variety of large-scale modal and structural test requirements. The system can excite sine forces of up to 4000 N (900 lbf), with a 2-inch (50 mm) peak-to-peak stroke and 1.5 m/s peak velocity (60 inches per second), at frequencies from DC to 2000 Hz.

The unique armature design of the Modal 1000 exciter system incorporates a “weak” suspension. The exciter armature may be fine-positioned to the test article using DC centering. This is a particularly useful feature within lower-frequency excitation and response applications, such as ground vibration testing, where a DC-coupled exciter/amplifier may be in use. The armature’s lower weight further minimizes mass loading effects on the test article while reducing force drop-off at resonance. This avoids test article contamination during parameter extractions at each natural frequency. Additionally, the use of a “weak” suspension means that the armature applies no extra force. Exciter dynamics are therefore de-coupled from measured test article dynamics for improved data integrity. Thermal shutdown protection and overtravel control are included as standard features in this model.

The Modal 1000 exciter system is further offered with various customization options. Among them, end-user capability to operate supporting amplifiers directly from a PC, allowing for amplifier positioning closer to the exciters. Test reliability is improved, as drive cable lengths are minimized, for reduced risks of diminished force outputs caused by cable voltage drops. Also available is an optional automated ON/OFF exciter cooling package, which engages only when the exciter heats up, in direct response to increasing levels of requested modal excitation forces. This protects the exciter from overheating, a particularly useful feature when overseeing multi-exciter test setups. As the package only engages when necessary, energy requirements of both the exciter and cooling package are optimized. The cooling package may be further specified with an optional <60 dBA Quiet Enclosure. Other optional accessories include piezoelectric force sensors to 4448 N (1000 lbs.), in tension and compression modes, with 5 mV/lb. (1.1 mV/N) sensitivities; and a supporting accessory kit.

Full engineering test lab support is available upon request, with all services provided by MB’s recognized industry experts of more than 35 years. Click here to learn more about MB’s Test Engineering Service offerings.

Modal 1000 Exciter System Technical Specifications:

  • Force Output (w/Forced Air Cooling): 4000 N pk sine excitation (900 lbf); 2600 N RMS random (585 lbf)
  • Force Output (w/Ambient Air Cooling): 2000 N pk sine excitation (450 lbf); 1300 N RMS random (290 lbf)
  • Stroke: 50 mm peak-to-peak (2-inch peak-to-peak)
  • Velocity: 5 m/s peak (60 inches/second)
  • Acceleration: 25 g peak continuous sine
    (Modal 1000 exciter system moving element only)
  • Frequency Range: DC to 2000 Hz
  • Moving Element Weight: 4 kg (36 lbs.)
  • Moving Element Axial Resonance: >2000 Hz
  • Driven-Axis Stiffness: 31 N/mm (180 pounds/inch)
  • Exciter Weight (Includes Trunnion Base): 364 kg (800 pounds)
  • Stainless Steel Stinger Kit: ½” hex stingers: three (3) 400 mm long, three (3) 200 mm long; each has 3/8-16 UNC threads on one end and a ¼-28 UNF-2B on the other
  • Stinger Attachment: Chuck (½” drill size) and wrench key, for tightening on stingers
  • Shaker Attachments: Floor mount with trunnion base; with vertical-only base; suspension mount with optional turnbuckles & trunnion base
  • Dimensions (in Trunnion Base): 570 mm X 485 mm; Footprint X 910 mm High (to top of chuck)
  • Drive Cable Length: 10 m (32 feet)
  • Power Amplifier: MB P Series amplifiers
    (see product datasheet; amplifier only, no field supply)

Additional Options:

  • Accessory Kit & Inertial Mass: Bolt-on-masses with nuts & bolts for mounting: 38 kg and 50 kg
  • Cooling: Portable unit with < 60 dBA Quiet Enclosure; or shop air
  • Piezoelectric Force Sensors: to 4448 N (1000 lbs.) tension & compression modes; 5 mV/lb (1124 mV/kN)
  • Engineering Test Lab Support Consulting Services

Download Modal 1000 Datasheet

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