Modal 1000 Exciter System

Modal 1000 ExciterThe Modal 1000 exciter system offers 900 Lb (4,000 N) of force with a 1.8″ (45mm) peak-to-peak stroke and includes all of the unique features that make MB Dynamics’ exciters the best around the world. With optional cooling unit and force sensor, the Modal 1000 can be customized to suit a number of different applications.

There’s more to using and buying modal exciters than meets the eye. Misjudging modal testing applications can be fraught with unforeseen hazards that contaminate data and miscalculating hidden costs can be risky. Avoid pitfalls and trust MB Dynamics, the leading world-wide supplier of modal exciters and excitation testing applications.

Modal 1000 Technical Specs

  • Force Output (w/ Forced Air Cooling): 4,000N pk sine excitation (900 lbf); 2,600N RMS random (585 lbf)
  • Force Output (w/ Ambient air Cooling): 2,000N pk sine excitation (450 lbf); 1,300N RMS random (290 lbf)
  • Stroke: 45mm peak-to-peak (1.8 in. p-p)
  • Velocity: 1.75m/s peak (70 inches/second)
  • Acceleration: 25 g pk continuous sine (MODAL 1000 moving element only)
  • Frequency Range: DC-2000 Hz
  • Moving Element Weight: 16.4kg (36 lbs.)
  • Moving Element Axial Resonance: > 2,000 Hz
  • Driven-Axis Stiffness: 31 N/mm (180 pounds/inch)
  • Exciter Weight (incl. Trunnion base): 364kg (800 pounds)
  • Stinger Kit (Stainless Steel):  ½” hex stingers: three 400mm long, three 200mm long; each has 3/8-16 UNC threads on one end and ¼-28 UNF-2B on the other
  • Stinger Attachment: Chuck (1/2” drill size) and wrench key for tightening on stingers
  • Shaker Attachments: Floor mount with trunnion base; with vertical-only base; suspension mount with optional turnbuckles & trunnion base
  • Dimensions (in Trunnion Base): 570mm X 485mm Footprint X 910mm High (to top of chuck)
  • Drive Cable Length: 10m (32 ft.)
  • Power Amplifier: MB Model PVL-S (see Data Sheet; amplifier only, no field supply)
  • Accessory Kit & Inertial Mass (optional): Bolt-on-masses with nuts & bolts for mounting: 38kg and 50kg
  • Cooling (optional): Portable unit; optional Quiet Enclosure < 60dBA; or shop air
  • Force Sensor (Optional): 4,450N (1,000 lbs.) tension & compression; 5mV/lb (1124 mV/kN)

Download Modal 1000 Data Sheet PDF

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