Vibration Analysis Software for Squeak & Rattle Testing

MB BSR Suite – NVH, Squeak & Rattle and Sound Quality Testing

MB BSR SUITE is the complete solution for all measurement tasks in the field of NVH, Squeak & Rattle and Sound Quality testing. Comprehensive analysis and assessment capabilities also enable the use of the BSR Suite for analysis and evaluation of functional and operating noise, vibrational effects on humans as well as the acoustic and haptic feedback of controls and actuators.
Predefined test configurations for typical tasks such as multi-channel road load data acquisition, drive-file generation and objective Squeak & Rattle and Sound Quality testing allow for fast and simple operation. Signal statistics and user defined thresholds or reference-curves can be used for objective evaluation of different acoustic or haptic quality criteria. In addition the development and integration of application- or customer-specific analyses and evaluation methods is also possible at any time. Contact MB to find a solution for your measurement task!

Road Load Data Acquisition • Drive-File Generation • Squeak & Rattle • Sound & Vibration measurements


  • Multi-channel NVH Analysis
  • Order-Analysis
  • Sound Quality Analysis
  • Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) with up to 64 channels
  • Drive-File generation for full vehicle and component BSR test systems
  • Transfer of recorded excitation conditions to single or multi-axis shaker systems
  • Alignment of excitation profiles and shaker test systems
  • Objective Squeak & Rattle Testing according to different test specifications such as GMW14011, FORD CETP-L413, PSA with switchable Adaptive Background Noise Compensation for repeatable and comparable Squeak & Rattle tests.
  • Analysis, documentation and evaluation of Squeaks & Rattles and functional and operating noises
  • Analysis of relative motions and interface forces for Squeak & Itch Testing


  • New: 4-64 channels incl. IEPE power supply (software selectable)
  • 24bit A/D converters with sample rates up to 105.4kHz
  • High real-time bandwidth by using multi-core technology
  • Simultaneous time signal recording in parallel to real-time analysis
  • Predefined test setups for typical tasks such as drive-file generation, objective Squeak & Rattle tests, Sound Quality tests etc.
  • User definable block-length for each analysis enables for maximum resolution in time- and frequency domain
  • Virtual input channels for arithmetic combination of different input signals
  • Stationary Loudness (according to ISO 532B, DIN45631 und ISO/R 131) and Time Varying Loudness (according to DIN45631/A) with switchable Adaptive Background Noise Compensation
  • Sound Quality Option including Sharpness, Roughness, Tonality & Fluctuation Strength
  • Testing against user definable thresholds, threshold curves or reference spectra
  • Software interface for remote control and integration in fully automated inline test systems for 100% testing of acoustic quality
  • Optional Test Sequencer enables fully automated environmental test sequences including vibration control and communication with environmental chamber
  • Import of externally recorded measurement data (TXT, CSV, WAVE, RPC III…)
  • Export of recorded data to standard formats (TXT, CSV, WAVE, RPC III)
  • Direct transfer (copy paste) of measured data and graphs into Office programs for further processing and documentation
  • Recommended operating system: Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit), Windows 8.1

Data Sheets:
BSR Suite Data Sheet: Download PDF
BSR Suite Sound Quality Data Sheet: Download PDF
BSR Suite Adaptive Background Noise Compensation Sheet: Download PDF
S&R Metrics Sheet: Download PDF