MB Millenium Dynamic Control Systems

Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) and Multi-Input, Single-Output (MISO)

The MB Millenium™ Hawk MIMO controller replicates actual-use vibration conditions by simultaneously controlling up to seven actuators connected to one test item running independent vibration profiles. MIMO shaker control applications include time history replication and random vibration (PSD control), as well as single-shaker and multi-shaker sine with user-defined frequency and phase relationships. Practical MB hardware features and functions from 40+ years of applications know-how honed by doing vibration and dynamics tests augment commercially-available, continuously-innovated A/D and D/A hardware. The MB Millenium™ Hawk MIMO controls electrodynamic, electromagnetic, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators as well as linear and rotary motion control test systems. Profiles are acceleration, velocity, displacement, force, motion – and mixed profiles to simulate the end-use environment.

MB Millenium™ MIMO Controller specifications include:

  • Up to 7 outputs – handles up to 7 exciters — and up to 24 inputs.
  • 24-bit resolution, delta sigma ADCs with 110 dB dynamic range; variable antialiasing filters.
  • 5kHz bandwidth; 0.10 Hz min frequency.
  • Compensates simultaneously cross-coupled dynamic responses from multiple actuators.
  • Enhanced Control Accuracy – errors typically under 5%, often as low as 2%.
  • Random vibration Notching and Sine Notching based on separate profile(s).
  • Coordinate Transforms.
  • Time-domain and frequency domain adaptation.
  • Import from Excel and RPC-III, export to Excel.
  • Sensor types: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Encoder, Force, Angular Position/Rate, Torque.
  • Inputs: AC- or DC-coupled, IEPE at 4 mA – all software selectable.
  • Individually isolated outputs to eliminate ground loops between controller and amplifier.
  • Differential inputs for low noise and to eliminate ground loops between controller and shaker.
  • DIO functions: controller-initiated, externally-initiated commands to/from test equipment.

The Millenium Hawk MISO controller has many of the same features and functions as MIMO except they apply to a single shaker application. The MISO version has up to 4 input channels with built-in, low-impedance type IEPE current source conditioning and voltage inputs per channel. The MISO Hawk includes a PCIe DSP board and interface cable to the ADC/DAC/AAF interface unit. Application software includes time history, PSD random, and sine to 4kHz.

Millenium MIMO Controller Data Sheet: Download PDF
3-Axis Hand-Transmitted Vibration Simulator Data Sheet: Download PDF