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    Squeak and Rattle Test Solutions
    S&R/BSR test systems for vehicles, subsystems, components, and materials. Quiet excitation: 1–6 axes
    Steering Systems (SMTS)
    Steering test systems for quiet evaluation of rattle, NVH & performance issues – non-hydraulic
    Suspension Component Test Systems
    Suspension component test rigs for noise characterization, NVH & performance evaluations – passive and active components
    Transducer Calibration
    Accelerometer calibration – ISO16063-21; 0.1Hz; 600 g sine; 13,000 g shock; 8-DUTs; -185°C to +800°C; transverse sensitivity
    Modal Exciters & Amplifiers
    Modal excitation: 50 N – 4000 N forces, Ethernet control of remote amplifiers, largest installed base over 30+ years
    MB Millenium Dynamic Control Systems
    Vibration and force control systems, single and multi-shaker. Time History, Random, Sine, Linear and Rotary
    Engineering Services
    Engineering Services for noise & vibration test method development and execution, equipment service & maintenance
    Shaker Systems
    Electrodynamic shaker systems for vibration test from 100N – 22kN, quiet BSR, modal, air bearing for calibration