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Vibration Test Systems

Do you have a general vibration test need? Here you'll find MB Dynamic's shaker controller, general purpose electrodynamic shakers (PM-series shakers, Energizer shakers, C-series shakers), and amplifiers. If you don't know which vibration testing equipment matches your specific application contact MB to have a system designed around your specific vibration testing equipment needs. From Linear Actuators to multi-axis vibration control, MB Dynamics offers the tools you require for your vibration test.

MB Dynamics specializes in supplying custom, turnkey vibration test equipment solutions. You'll get more than just a shaker - You'll get everything you need to implement and report on your testing including tailored advice on how to achieve the best results. Since 1938, MB Dynamics has been at the forefront of vibration testing equipment development and patents. Trust the industry pioneers of MB Dynamics to guide you towards the application specific implements that will suit your business best. Contact MB Dynamics today at 216-292-5850 to speak with a vibration equipment expert.

Multi-Axis Vibration Control, on a Budget


MIMO Proof of Concept Running 3 Simulators


CommanderCONTROL-MIMO is MB’s latest vibration and shock controller of single-shaker and multi-shaker test setups. All signal generation, acquisition, and calculations are performed on a dedicated DSP Module connected via a USB cable to a PC running Windows XP. That DSP Module has 4 inputs and 2 outputs or 8 inputs and 4 outputs. MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) shaker control applications include time history replication and PSD random, and single-shaker swept sine vibration. Classical shock pulses are controlled using time history. Sine-on-random, random-on random, and resonant search and dwell are available.


Vibration Control System

MB's Win2K5 provides precise control from 0.5 Hz to 10k Hz


The Win2K5 is MB's product for vibration and shock control of single-shaker systems.

PM-Series Shakers

PM25A, PM50A, PM250, PM500

MB's PM-Series - The low force (25 LBf - 500 LBf) general purpose shaker line.


MB's line of PM-SERIES Shakers uses permanent magnet technology and the voice coil principle to create vibration. The shakers come in four different sizes with maximum sine force ratings of 25, 50, 250 or 500 lbf.

Energizer RED Shaker

100 lbf shaker

MB's Energizer RED - The 100 lbf General Purpose Shaker.


MB's Energizer RED Shaker was designed to replace the PM100A as the general purpose 100 lbf shaker.

Energizer SILVER Shaker

1000 lbf shaker

MB's Energizer SILVER - The 1000 lbf General Purpose Shaker.


MB's Energizer SILVER Shaker is the general purpose 1000 lbf shaker. It was designed to perform well in environmental testing, durability, and S&R

C-Series Shakers

C40HP, C90HP, C150HP

MB's C-Series - The large force (1,200 LBf - 20,000 LBf) general purpose shaker line.


The C-Series is MB's signature line of Electrodynamic Shakers, among the most popular shakers ever. These "large" shakers range from 1200 lbf (5.3kN) to 20,000 lbf (89kN)

P-Series Amplifiers

P6K to P120K

P-Series amplifiers


The “P” Series amplifiers power MB’s largest permanent magnet and field-coil-based exciters. All are supplied in a 19” rack-mount cabinet that includes a high fidelity, low-noise power module designed for and used in medical imaging applications.

MB VI-Series Amplifiers with Ethernet Amplifier and Shaker Cooling Options

MB VI-Series Amplifiers with Ethernet Amplifier and Shaker Cooling Options


Ethernet amplifier option eliminates the need to be physically at each amplifier to set up, operate and monitor. Shaker Cooling ON/OFF with Overtravel Shutdown option protects your equipment from burning up as well as eliminating annoying blower noise. A third option combines both.