Testimonials From Our Valued Customers

Read the testimonials below to learn how our vibration analysis equipment is helping companies in many different industries.

“MB has considerable experience using these Shaker Tables in Ford and supplier facilities to support S&R DV/PV/CC testing, and MB has the know-how to assist Seat & IP sup­pliers to rapidly, systematically, and effectively implement the Ford S&R Prevention process. MB is uniquely qualified to provide these services as MB personnel have the requi­site skills and experiences amassed over 20 years.”
– Implementation of Ford-recommended JIT plant S&R processing using shaker tables

“Our just installed 4/5 DOF BSR exciter suite is fantastically quiet and multi-functional. I believe this new MB system will contribute to fill the gap between the current test standards and the real world situation with its multi-DOF MIMO control features. The system will serve for BSR detection tests for seats and automobile interior parts/modules per GM, FORD and other global specifications and also for full vehicles through direct-body-excitation (DBE).”
– MB Millenium™ MIMO
Jun, Yong-Du, Ph. D.
Professor and Director
Kongju National University, Advanced Motor Parts Regional Innovation Center, (AMP.RIC), Korea

“MB has helped us a lot; we have at least 5 sites [and 3 more planned] which rely on MB; I hear quite a few good things about MB from the international community). This is a good thing.”
– Global NVH specialist, automotive Tier 1 supplier

We make very high quality coatings for rubber seals in vehicles. We needed to be able to show the OEMs solid, reliable data proving how much quieter and longer lasting our coatings were since we are not the low cost supplier of coatings. To do that we needed an extremely quiet, very repeatable test system that could test our rubber seals at high and low temperatures, wet and dry, as well as ambient with controlled humidity. We especially like the 22dB(A) of noise when shaking empty and the ability to do standardized tests like sine and push-pull as well as test track replication via random vibration and time history replication. MB’s MCTS helps us to justify a premium price for our premium products.
– Research Chemist, OEM coatings supplier