Beyond MB’s Standard Warranty

MB Dynamics recognizes that certain customers may need support beyond what is available in the standard warranty. This support, otherwise known as Test Lab Support, is available on 3 different levels.

Provides reduced prices on parts, repairs at MB’s factory, and on-site visits. It includes one on-site visit per year for inspection of minor problems and a telephone hotline for equipment and applications support.

A customizable solution that goes beyond Level 1. Along with everything listed in Level 1 it includes increased telephone support, an annual check on the vibration systems resulting in a “signature” of the system’s performance and tolerances compared to its original specs, and an annual ISO 9000 re-certification of the calibration of your accelerometers and other Lab instrumentation.

A more involved solution that combines levels 1 and 2 with test engineering assistance This assistance includes personal advice and training on vibration test equipment and procedeures, plus a 2 day visit by MB’s application engineer.