Squeak & Rattle/BSR, Steering, Modal, Calibration, Suspension, Vibration Test Equipment

Test Hardware, Software & Applications Know-How

Behind all of MB Dynamics’ product lines is a wealth of proven experience spanning automotive, industrial, aerospace, and defense industries across private, academic and government sectors. MB Technology includes excitation and motion test hardware, control system and data acquisition software, instrumentation, fixtures, etc. to complete noise and vibration testing jobs. Test processes, whether MB developed or customer augmented, include application-specific procedures, templates, plans and guidelines for helping end-users fulfill their testing & quality control jobs and requirements.

A significant benefit for end-users and what sets MB apart from the competition is our provision of engineering services. These services allow end-users access to MB’s extensive testing know-how so they get up the learning curve and become effective in achieving sought-after test results faster than could be achieved without MB’s involvement.

Browse the site for more information regarding your testing jobs, then contact one of our agents to discuss. If you don’t have a test spec, we can help you write one. Simply tell us what jobs you need to do and let MB Dynamics help you put together the right solution.