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Vibration Testing and Equipment

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World-Class Engineered Products and Test Solutions that Induce, Measure and Control Vibration and Shock. Turnkey test solutions include: Automotive Squeak and Rattle, Transducer Calibration and Modal Excitation

Since the 1930s MB Dynamics has been a top supplier of vibration and shock solutions. MB relies on knowledge and innovation in maintaining our reputation as a leading supplier of Modal Exciters, Squeak & Rattle Test Systems, Calibration Solutions, Human Response to Vibration, Vibration Test Equipment and Crash Sensor Test Systems.

Some of MB Dynamics' Products
  • Win2K5 Vibration Controller
  • S&R testing with MB’s DBE System
  • Win475 Automated Calibration System
  • MODAL 110 Exciter

Giving you an application specific solution

MB thinks through your problem and solution in its entirety, defines all deliverables including appropriate test methods, and then works with you to ensure that all necessary pieces are comprehended to achieve the results promised. In so doing, MB delivers a total vibration and shock control solution, one that makes the best use of your equipment and in-house skills long after we've completed your project.

Browse our products page and contact us with your test specification. If you don't have a test spec, we can help you write one. Or just tell us what you want to accomplish and let us assemble the right solution for the job.